The benefits of a stable foster home for at-risk children.

November 10, 2022

The rising number of children in the United States foster care system means there is a need for stable homes for those who don’t have a place to go. Many foster kids are escaping poverty, abuse, and neglect when they come into the system. This means a positive foster experience is vital to a child’s development, health, and success. These children deserve a loving environment and that could be the monumental difference that shapes the outcome of his or her life. Allowing kids to grow and learn in a stable environment will ensure that they can become the person they were always meant to be. Stable foster homes provide significant value in many lives. These are the top benefits for the children.

Increased Mental Stability

Being all alone at a young age is unfathomable for most and a hardship no child deserves to endure. When children enter stable foster homes, the positive influences around them provide comfort and support to increase their mental stability. Creating fresh memories with their new loving foster family, children have a much better chance at succeeding and growing mentally. With their new support system providing the love and care a child needs, they feel comfortable within their environment--leading to growth.

Proper Education

In order to succeed later in life children need a proper education to have the tools to prosper. Many of the foster youth did not have the chance to learn in a normal educational system before arriving in their new home. Stable, supportive foster homes embrace education and advancement for their kids. They provide a way to attend better schools and resources to guide them through their educational journey.

Allowing Children to Regain Trust

Foster children all have a different story, some worse than others. This leads to kids distrusting the old adult figures in their life. The wonderful foster home parents and organizations show kids that there are good people in this world that you can trust. By interacting, sharing feelings, and experiencing opportunities that are out there, children become comfortable in their environment and begin to build trust.

Social Skills

During a child’s formative years, socialization is extremely important. During this time is when interaction skills, customs, manners, and speaking norms are formed. The majority of kids coming into the foster care system have lacked proper socialization which leads to a disconnect from others. Stable foster homes provide a sense of community and openness where children can express their feelings, talk, laugh, and listen with others who truly care about their well-being.

House of Providence

House of Providence is a foster home that provides children with a family and support system, perhaps for the first time ever. We instill hope in minors who have only known the intense instability of the foster care system by allowing them to stabilize and heal in a therapeutic and familial environment. Through individualized care and support services we provide foster children the emotional, mental, and physical security to stabilize and begin growing into whole, independent adults realizing their full potential. If you or someone you know under 18 years old need immediate assistance please reach out to our staff. They will do everything in their power to help.

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