How We Care

Our System for Providing Hope

The Screening Process

Vetting Referrals

After receiving referrals from the Department of Health and Human Services, we perform a screening based on predetermined criteria. We accept residents based on their desire to be a part of the House of Providence and a modest level of exemplified stability required for an open program. We are not a lock-down or secure facility; however, strict rules and guidelines shape the daily routines of residents and staff alike.


Providing Stability

We care for children in need of a higher level of care than they could receive in a traditional foster family. These are kids who have faced the worst of what the world and the foster care system have to offer--including immense placement instability, sometimes bouncing to several placements just within the course of a year. During the orientation stage, each child is strongly supported while they adjust and stabilize on their own timeline—ensuring the structure needed for safety, growth, and predictability.

Skill Building

and Deinstitutionalization

During the skill building and deinstitutionalization stage, we work with each of our youth to instill the confidence necessary to spark hope and create a desire for success. Organic daily living, routines, and relationships are the building blocks of this phase. Our children are also provided with rich and meaningful individual and group therapies, which are extensive and topically specific to meet the ever-changing dynamic of our children.

Community Reintegration

and Independence

After achieving stabilization, processing existing traumas through counseling, and building the self-regulation skills, our youth are reintegrated into the community through the vehicle of a family! Some are adopted, some are reunified with their biological family, and some enter the guardianship of a family. Like all of our treatment plans, this process is highly individualized and based upon the age, ability, and future plans of the resident.

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