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House of Providence is breaking the mold of institutional foster care with a therapeutic and familial model that’s redeeming childhood for children who have been through some of the ugliest hardships in existence.

Our model is specifically designed to spark the resilience in every child who comes through our doors. Our beautiful, family-style homes are set on sprawling, nature-filled acres with lakes for fishing, long winding driveways perfect for bikes and sidewalk chalk, teaching kitchens, sensory playrooms, arcade rooms, and basketball courts! Every detail is well planned with the express purpose of promoting healing, while redeeming childhood! House of Providence is a place where kids can just. be. kids.

Because of your support, our model has brought hope and healing to children in foster care--so much so that we are planning to open more homes, until every child has a home. We recently received national accreditation to do so! 

Your contributions through choosing to buy House of Providence clothing will fuel our growth!

the situation

We are committed to helping children in an industry notorious for exploiting them.

In our homes, we are no strangers to the horrors of human trafficking. The overwhelming majority of children rescued from human trafficking in the U.S. went missing while in the foster care system. Some of these children end up in our care.

There are more slaves in the world today than at any point in human history, and the clothing industry is notorious for using forced and child labor. 

our promise

House of Providence is bringing excellence to the field of foster care, and now we’re bringing excellence to the clothing industry--through our commitment to quality and integrity. Our clothing is 100% ethically sourced to prevent the involvement of slavery in the production process.

The profits from your purchases go directly to redeeming childhood for children who are left without the love of a family or the stability of a home. Together, we can reach more children and open more homes!

House of Providence operates with a low 12.25% administrative cost, and the rest goes to direct care of our children.

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